Stefano De Sabbata

Stefano De Sabbata

Associate Professor of Geographical Information Science

University of Leicester


Hi there 👋 😊 my name is Stef and I am an Associate Professor of Geographical Information Science at the School of Geography, Geology and the Environment of the University of Leicester and Research associate of the Oxford Internet Institute of the University of Oxford. I am the secretary of the Geographic Information Science Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society with IBG. I am also part of the steering committee of GIScience Research UK (GISRUK) and I was the chair of the GISRUK 2018 conference. I am a member of the Commission on Location Based Services of the International Cartographic Association.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Digital Geographies
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Urban Geography
  • PhD in Geographic Information Science, 2013

    University of Zurich

  • MSc in Computer Science, 2008

    University of Udine

  • BSc in Computer Science, 2005

    University of Udine

Selected Publications

Liu, P., & De Sabbata, S. (2021). A graph-based semi-supervised approach to classification learning in digital geographies. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 86, 101583.

Ballatore, A., & De Sabbata, S. (2020). Los Angeles as a digital place: The geographies of user‐generated content. Transactions in GIS, 24(4), 880-902.

Gardner, Z., Mooney, P., De Sabbata, S., & Dowthwaite, L. (2020). Quantifying gendered participation in OpenStreetMap: responding to theories of female (under) representation in crowdsourced mapping. GeoJournal, 85(6), 1603-1620.

De Sabbata, S., & Liu, P. (2019). Deep learning geodemographics with autoencoders and geographic convolution. In Proceedings of the 22nd AGILE conference on Geographic Information Science, Limassol, Greece.

Bright, J., De Sabbata, S., Lee, S., Ganesh, B., & Humphreys, D. K. (2018). OpenStreetMap data for alcohol research: Reliability assessment and quality indicators. Health & place, 50, 130-136.

Acheson, E., De Sabbata, S., & Purves, R. S. (2017). A quantitative analysis of global gazetteers: Patterns of coverage for common feature types. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 64, 309-320.

Reichenbacher, T., De Sabbata, S., Purves, R. S., & Fabrikant, S. I. (2016). Assessing geographic relevance for mobile search: A computational model and its validation via crowdsourcing. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 67(11), 2620-2634.

Graham, M., De Sabbata, S., & Zook, M. A. (2015). Towards a study of information geographies:(im) mutable augmentations and a mapping of the geographies of information. Geo: Geography and environment, 2(1), 88-105.

De Sabbata, S., & Reichenbacher, T. (2012). Criteria of geographic relevance: an experimental study. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 26(8), 1495-1520.